Fly-In Program
Fly in program for your dog
Obedience training fly in program
Our fly in program enables our long distance clients to insure their dogs get the training they need.
Conveniently located 10 Min's from MBS International airport we are there when your dog or dogs arrive.
After pick up they are trained not only in the program of your choice,  but total home manners and socialization.
Depending on the course selected, in this example we will say a "Standard Basic Obedience Training Course" you will fly
in to pick up your dog after 4 to 6 weeks, at which time you will have a minimum of 2 to 3 days (based on your schedule)
for you to learn the commands and to work your dog with the new skills they have learned both inside and in public.
Graduation occurs at this point and you fly home with your dog trained and ready  to take on life together.
We have many fine hotels and restaurants just minutes from Auburn, Michigan.
Some of our favorites that our clients prefer are listed below:

Many clients who come use the trip also as a mini vacation or get away.
Bay valley Resort offers: Golf, indoor/outdoor pool and a world class restaurant.
Reasonable prices, lots of elegance
MBS Airport runs a quality airfield for most major airlines
(Dog Training on the fly)
(We receive no compensation from the above establishments our clients and K9 Training really do feel they are the best in the area)
Total socialization for your dog
Trained, socialized,and ready for life
Mutiple client introduction
Full immunization records USA
International clients need:
International Health Certificate & Rabies Vaccination & Certificate

(Usually supplied with dog at airport)

Favorite toy or chew

Client profile sheet
(Used to train your dog to your normal daily hours and life style)
Fly in obedience courses for dogs
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