1st Reason
Regular grooming not only keeps your pet looking and feeling good. It is essential in order to help the animal regulate
it's body temperature and prevent some skin infections.  A matted coat limits the skin’s exposure to the air, making a
perfect environment for bacterial growth.
You should never shave a long haired dog thinking it will keep them cooler in the summer. It actually has an opposite
affect. A dog's coat insulates them from hot and cold weather. It also prevents severe skin damage from the sun.
Remember dogs do not sweat they pant in order to remove excess body heat. Exposing a long haired dog's skin to the
sun thinking you are doing him a favor is wrong and should not be practiced. If the thought process is to make the dog
more comfortable in the summer a through brushing once a week minimum and coat maintenance is paramount to
promoting good heat expulsion. Bathing your dog is also very important in order to remove dirt and grime to aid in the
coat performing it's function. Also bathing can be used to rid the dog of flea's or ticks and many different shampoos are
available for this purpose.

2nd Reason
You and your pet will spend together during grooming sessions. In addition to strengthening the bond between the two
of you, frequent grooming provides an opportunity to examine your pet for small injuries potential infections and
infestations that may occur.  It's always better to spot trouble early then face a large vet bill down the road.

Try to introduce your pet to the idea of grooming early in life.
Puppies quickly become acclimated to a grooming routine. However, it’s never too late to start a grooming program on
an older dog, even if your pet is a senior citizen. If your pet is hesitant to accept grooming at first, each time you would
normally pet him or her use a palm brush and stroke their fur, they soon associate brushing with praise and accept it
willingly. Soon your pet will look forward to being groomed — and receiving all the extra attention.

Things You'll Need

A great quality brush we use a mini horse brush

On long haired dogs it is important to purchase an under coat rake.
This is utilized to remove the insulating hair that is shed during summer.

This is the crucial step in helping your dog stay cool during hot days.

A small hand brush with stiffer bristles helps on dogs with long hair on their ears.
Keeping these brushed out well prevent the matting that seems to occur often in these  types of animals.
If the hair is not already matted a small comb works well  along with a squirt of No More Tangles this will keep the hair on
their ears manageable.

Now lets discuss bathing

As mentioned briefly above bathing is important in order to loosen up shedding hair and removing dirt and grime that
can affect the insulating properties of the dog's coat. It can also be used to rid the animal of parasite infestation such as
fleas, ticks,etc. Utilizing the right shampoo however is important since digs secrete oils into their coat. Certain hunting
dogs are specifically designed to have oily coats in order to help them swim and insulate them from the effects of cold
water such as Labrador Retriever, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, etc.
This is why it is important to understand the role your animals coat performs and what is in the best interest of the K9
both during their working season and off. If the animal is living in a clean environment

•Double or undercoat dogs
Bathe once every 4 to 8 weeks.

•Silky long coat
Bathe once every month

•Non-shedding curly coat
bathe once every month to 2 months

•Smooth coat
Bathe no less than once every 2 months or only when it gets dirty,
frequent bathing will wash out their waterproofing oils produced by the skin for protection.

•Wiry/Coarse coat
bathe once every 4 to 6 weeks

Our hunting dogs stop getting a bath about 1 month before hunting season unless they get a big mess on them.
These are just generic guidelines, but again it will be dependant on the dogs environment and actions.
Utilize a good quality pet shampoo and be sure to throughly rinse the animal well.
Just like small human animals,  keep the shampoo out of their eyes and
do not allow them to drink the soapy water, especially if using a pesticide shampoo for fleas or ticks.

Remember a well groomed pet is a healthy pet and that is part of your job as a responsible dog owner.

Thank You:
John A Sampson I
K9 Training


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Use the correct tools for your dog
A good brush for your dog is a must
Buy a rake for a dogs under coat
Soft handle rake for your dogs under coat
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Grooming your dog
Bath time can be fun for you dog or puppy
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