My sons and I just returned from one of our usual business "runs." We hit just about every business that actually has to
do with dogs; such as, the vet (we dropped off some business cards, veterinarians love well behaved dogs), the
pharmacy (picking up the ingredients for our recipe for ear cleaner), the local pet equipment distributor,
                                    (they handle a large number of dog related items).
                                   This is the focus of this article. Not because of the type of store it
                                   was, because  it   had  a  "bring your pet day."  In this instance,
                                   it ended up being a lot of nursing mothers , incredibly young litters,
                                   most not over 5 weeks. We talked with three or four owners,
                                   none of the puppies had papers, which explains, apparently,
                                   why they were there. Puppies, of course, are, as always, cuddly and cute.
                                   People love to pet and handle them,
but the very last place we would ever take our dog (and never our puppies), is a place with other dogs, (and puppies).  
Since we don't know whether the dogs have been vaccinated, what they could be carrying: parvo (deadly to puppies, it
can kill adult dogs, also). Distemper, since rabies shots are only allowed by a veterinarians in Michigan, many dogs do
not get vaccinated. We lobby for clinics, which usually cuts the price of the vaccination in half. Not to mention fleas, tics,
mange and a multitude of other not-so-desirable illnesses and pests that can cause harm or death to your puppy.
Now, many say to themselves, I would never take my puppy to such an event. We believe this to be true. Unfortunately,
people are always tempted to get their puppies "socialized." To many people "socialization" of a pup or a dog means a
great amount of interaction with other dogs; many call them "play dates." Usually, meaning taking their puppy or dog to
a  friend's house with dogs, or to a dog park for "interaction" with other dogs, or even to some                                     
training sessions that begin their lessons with socialization among the dogs and /or puppies. Any or all of these things
tend to make us a  little uneasy.                                                                                                    
Socializing your puppy
Socializing Your Puppy
The K9 Training way
Puppies and socialization
Reason one:
The afore mentioned  possible contamination from someone  else's animal.
Reason two:
dogs "play" for a reason,  just as people play sports to win, as in football,
"dominating" the field; dogs "play" domination games.  People need to
understand their puppies in "dog" terms, not human ones; although, we
believe that many human traits and canine traits are similar. We all love to be
petted and praised, whether we deserve or not, and the old saying that you
get more out of people with sugar is true to a point.
Family or pack socialization
Socializing your dog young
                             Understand that dogs do not watch T.V.(some people think they do, but really it is a form
                            of overpowering visual stimulation (IE. See "Prey drive in dogs"), nor do they read books and
                            will never understand the spoken word, (see "Body language and your dog).
                            Likewise, they do not  "play" as we see it. They are conditioned, as are humans,
                            to react to certain  situations and stimulus. Humans have an innate tendency to justify
                            their  actions,  whereas dogs totally conditioning and instinct.
                            If dogs are to live with humans, their owners must understand that dogs will
                            pack with dogs before  they ever pack with humans.
Dogs do not protect their owners, they protect their space, whatever that may be, their house, their yard, the corner of
a  room, or themselves. Your puppy needs to pack with his owner, socialization with humans is the ultimate goal, unless
you want a Ferrel pet that runs in a pack of dogs.  
A socialized dog is a good dog
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